Twitch Title Cheat Sheet

Making the most of is allowing visitors to find your stream based on your targeted content, for example people who come looking for Mythic Plus only content, if your categories aren't set correctly they may not find your channel.

It's also good practice to do this for in general, just to target those browsing through channels - or searching for particular content.

While it may not always be convenient to login to the site and update your categories, you do have the option of setting your categories from within your Twitch title. This can be set when you first go live or anytime during your stream and your categories will update accordingly.

Setting your class category from your twitch title

To update your class category from your Twitch title, you simply need to add your class to your title, surrounded by square brackets. For example, if you wanted to update your class category to Priest, simply put the following in your Twitch title:

Remember that this is best set as the content you're streaming, not necessarily the class you have chosen to display or "show-off" on your profile page by choosing your "main".


Example: Watch me play Holy [Priest]!

This would update your category to Priest.

Setting your content-type category from your twitch title

Similarly you can set your content category from your Twitch title as well, however it's a bit more complicated.

Each content selection within a sub-category, within a category, has it's own specific title text to include that will trigger an update. Like the class category, you simply place the specific title text that applies from the selection into a bracket and the title will automatically update. Below you will find a list of all current categories, and the specific title text that should be place in brackets.

Only the first bracketed and valid tag will be used.

For Patreons that have subscribed to a higher tier that includes up to 3 categories, you have the option to include 3 bracketed category selections. In this case only the first 3 will be used.

That's about it for updating your category via your Twitch title. If you have any questions you can hit us up in Discord or contact us via the contact page.