• Q: What is the point of this site?

    A: The point of this site is for World of Warcraft streamers to share all their information in one place, including the main character, progression, raider.io scores, warcraftlogs ranks and of course their stream. It's also a place for viewers to come and find streamers that are playing World of Warcraft in a particular way, based on their category setting. Such as just Mythic+ players, or just 2v2 Arena etc. This is just a very-on-the-side-hobby-passion project mostly just to learn some new web development frameworks etc.

  • Q: Do I have to log in and change my class and/or category every time I stream?

    A: While that is an option, you are also able to adjust your class and/or category just by including them in square brackets in your stream title. For more information on how to do this, please visit the Twitch Title Cheat Sheet page for more information and the relevant bracket tags you can use.

  • Q: I have gone live but it doesn't show me as live on the site, what is wrong?

    A: Individual profile pages are updated once every minute. Pages with streams lists, like the home pages and class/category pages, are updated once every 2 minutes. If your stream isn't yet listed as live, check your profile page after 1 minute and it should show as live.

  • Q: I just registered but I'm not showing up as a streamer on the site.

    A: After registering with your battle.net account, you need to connect your Twitch account (this is what defines your profile url) and also select a class and category to nominate. Once these 3 things are complete, you should appear in the results.

  • Q: Why do I have to choose a class, why doesn't it just use my main's class as my class category?

    A: I wanted people's profile page to allow them to "show off" their main and it's accomplishments, such as progression, Raider.io scores and WarcraftLogs ranks - but people don't always play their main when they're streaming. This means that you can keep your main on your profile, while streaming an alt of a different class and viewers will be able to find your more easily. You're also always free to change your main at any time, should you wish to have another character displayed on your profile.

  • Q: Why is a streamer listed as one class, but streaming another?

    A: This is up to the streamer updating their class category either within their account on wowstreams.tv, or from their stream title when they go live or anytime during their stream.

  • Q: Can I stream on twitch at the same time as on wowstreams.tv?

    A: wowstreams.tv is merely a "wrapper" for your twitch stream. wowstreams.tv is not a streaming platform as such - it houses your twitch stream within your profile page. After setting up your account, stream via Twitch as you normally would and wowstreams.tv will automatically display your stream as live.

  • Q: I play raids and M+, why can I only choose one category?

    A: Higher tiers can choose up to 3 categories - however - this site is meant to provide a place for viewers to find streams focused on certain content - and you can only play one thing at a time really. It's more beneficial to only choose 1 category, the one that you're playing at the time.

  • Q: I changed my selected main's character name and it dissappeared - what happened?

    A: You will simply need to refresh your characters to find your updated character and then re-set it as your main.